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LHS Student Handbook 2014-2015

At LEAD Academy we believe that creating and maintaining a welcoming school environment based on high expectations will foster the trust among all members of the LEAD community needed to accomplish our goals of 100% graduation and college acceptance. Accordingly, LEAD Academy makes every effort to engage parents and the community through the following proactive approaches:


At LEAD, we don’t just teach students—we proactively engage parents, guardians, and community members as volunteers, learners, and decision-makers in a child’s educational process. We organize regular outreach meetings, classes, and training programs at the school and within the community to engage community members and parents/guardians in the development of our students and community.


Each year every student leadership team member (student, parent/guardian, and instructor) convene to review the team’s performance, determine goals and expectations for the next quarter, and plan a reasonable course of action to reach the intended outcomes. Each LEADership contract includes: an assessment of past performance, individual team member’s goals for the following quarter, as well as mechanisms to achieve those goals. At the conclusion of the conference, each team members signs the contract, which serves as the critical component in reviewing all team members and holding them accountable for their performance.


At LEAD Academy, classes have been designed to teach parents/guardians how to support their children academically, emotionally, and spiritually and to reinforce the values taught at school. Classes will focus on developing healthy habits, parenting skills, community engagement, and academic support.


Not only do we invite parents and community members to participate in the school decision-making process, we empower them in the decision-making process by inviting them to sit on the LEAD Academy Community Council, serve on the LEAD Academy Instructor Interview Committee, and participate in the Community Review Process. Additionally, community education classes and volunteer opportunities are offered throughout the year to further engage community members in the life of the school.